Hi there, my name is Sean and I am the founder and owner of ‘The Garden Specialists’. I have been in the horticultural and green keeping business for over 30 years.

I started off my career in the late 80’s as a green keeper and I realised that I loved this area of work.  I progressed onto working for a championship golf club and gained a huge amount of experience in the construction side and development of the golf course.

I wanted to progress in this area of the industry and decided that the best way to do so was to return to college.  I spent the next 5 years studying at an agricultural college where I received my qualifications.  I applied my qualifications and passion to my work and, as a result, I was fully in charge of the ‘Rothschild Golf Course’ as head greenkeeper.  The course was one of two courses at Mentmore Golf and Country Club.

As a result of working at Mentmore, I had the opportunity to begin my own private gardening projects.  This fuelled my enthusiasm and I formed my own company called ‘The Lawn Doctor’. During this, I had the chance to complete vast amounts of ‘turf’ management – I use the term ‘turf’ because some of these were simply too large to be called lawns. 

Demand was also there for me to carry out general garden maintenance; design and construction, which enabled me to build on my portfolio and passion for the art.  You will see in the gallery the very first garden I designed and built.

After many successful, years I decided to pass the business on and move to Spain, where I continued to work for over ten years.  It is during this time that ‘The Garden Specialists’ was started.  The company grew well through my contacts with local ex pats that I had networked with and became a great success.  I was heavily involved with a vast amount of work in garden maintenance, design and build, as well as swimming pool maintenance. 

Due to unforeseen circumstances, I returned to the UK and continued to build on my experience and professional portfolio where I spent 3 years managing a large country estate (please see gallery).

I decided to start ‘The Garden Specialists’ in the UK and I built my portfolio through hard work, word of mouth and a very keen eye for detail.  I moved on to build my skill base and worked as a head gardener for a large company who build and maintain gardens for high end clients and ‘A – List Celebrities’ where I continued to build on my skills and abilities.  I added to my qualifications and became one of the few licensed gardeners who can mix and spray restricted chemicals to use on a frequent basis.

‘The Garden Specialists’ was becoming more successful and, as a result, I committed to it full-time.   ‘The Garden Specialists’ have continued to grow and have not looked back since doing so.  Being the owner and Managing Director I will always oversee the work and contracts we undertake; to ensure only the best level of service is given to my clients.

Thank you for taking the time to read this bio and we hope that you will become a part of the continued increasing family of customers that make ‘The Garden Specialists’ the company it is today.